M&DTTA Xmas 10mile TT

M&DTTA Xmas 10mile TT earlier today. J4/20 course. By no means the quickest 10mile course on Cheshire. Cool, cloudy but dry and a light breeze from the west.
Michelle Fairclough 29.39

Rhianna Parkinson 29.30

Julian Ainsworth 27.20

Kirk Yearsley 26.24

Adam Darby 25.41

Robbie Harcourt 25.40

Great times from everyone and all over 20mph average 🙂 

Even more so for Julian and Michelle on standard road bikes with no aero advantages whatsoever. Proud of you all (y)

Here’s to 2017 and I have a feeling that the bug might have bitten another couple of riders.

good after event craic back at the HQ where one particular rider took advantage of decent spread of sandwiches and cake; not just one but TWO plate fulls! And followed by a celebratory beverage back at the Barton Arms. 
A great day out for Salford CC 🙂

Thanks to Stephen Roberts for the images .

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